5V 2 Channel Red Color Relay Module

5V 2 Channel Red Color Relay Module

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1. Dual Trigger Design, using special two-way driver IC design
2. Good anti-jamming capability, using diode freewheeling protection
3. Relay contact part adopts double-sided bold wiring for a large current, safe and reliable
4. Voltage version:5V
5. Channel: 2
6. The input and output are made of 5.08mm high quality terminals, connecting more convenient,suit for PLC control
7. The input terminal can be set high and low trigger,controlling is more flexible
8. Each relay has a indicator, working status of the relay can be seen clearly
9. Each relay output leads to the normally open and normally closed two sets of contact
10. Fixing screw holes for easy installation
11. Offers terminals and pin dual input feature (you need welding by yourself,it is without pin), enabling customers to choose
12. Module size: 5.5cm * 4.2cm * 1.8cm (L * W * H)
13. Support different kinds of microcontrollers and support Arduino

Package includes:

1 x 2-Channel relay module Expansion Module


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