5V Relay Shield V1.3

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5V Four Channel Relay Shield V1.3 Expansion Module Board For Arduino


Full compatible Arduino, 4-channel 3A relay control.
Independent external power supply and optocoupler isolation, effectively avoid electromagnetic interference devices charged.


External power supply voltage: 7 ~ 12V (> 200mA)
Maximum relay switching voltage: 240VAC / 60VDC
Maximum relay switching current: 5A
Contact load capacity: 1A 250VAC, 3A 120VAC / 24VDC
Relay number: 4
Wireless serial output interface : (Serial) xbee / Bluetooth Bee / Wireless Programming Module
Arduino occupied interface : (relay) digital input 2,3,4,5, (wireless module) digital input 0, 1

Package includes:

1 x 5V Four Channel Relay Shield


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