Bootloader shield For Arduino

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Arduino Bootloader shield

With an Arduino Bootloader shield it is very easy to upload a bootloader on an empty ATmega328P Microcontroller.
Sometimes you might damage your Arduino Uno Atmega328P microcontroller. You can change the Microcontroller. But first the bootloader needs to be programmed in it. After the bootloader is programmed in the microcontroller, the microcontroller can be placed on an Arduino Bootloader shield or you can replace the Microcontroller on your Arduino Uno.

Things you will need:

1 x Arduino Bootloader shield
1 x Arduino Uno
1 x ATmega328P

How to upload the bootloader:

1. Place the Arduino bootloader shield on top of the Arduino Uno.
2. Place the blank or newly bought ATmega328P microcontroller on the Zif Socket of the shield.
3. Connect the USB of the Arduino Uno to your computer.
4. Open Arduino software
5. File> Examples > ArduinoISP
6. Tools > Programmer > Arduino as ISP
7. Sketch > Upload
8. Tools > Burn Bootloader

You have to wait a minute or two for the bootloader to be burned on the new chip. After you burn the Bootloader you can test the Atmega328P microcontroller by replacing the chip on the Arduino Uno and try uploading a simple code from the Examples of the Arduino software.


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