ZG-M0 CC2530 ZigBee

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Model: ZG-M0
PCB size: 17*25 mm
Interface: UART (TX <P0.3>, RX<P0.2>)
Working voltage: 2.0V-3.6V
Working current: standby is 25mA, communication 25mA – 27mA
Working temperature: -40-85 degree
Transmission distance: 150 (open area)
Serial baud rate: 38400 (default), setting 9600bps, 38400bps, 57600bps, 115200bps
Node type: Router (default), configurable as coordinator
Communication rate: 2K bytes / second (point to point communication)
Wireless protocol: Zigbee 2007
Radio frequency: 2.4G
Status indication: the P1.0 port, external a LED to GND, three state indicator
Not connected Networking: bright 200ms, 1000ms cycle
Connect to the network: bright 20ms, 2000ms cycle
Data transceiver: bright 40ms, 200ms cycle
ZG-M0 Zigbee serial port transmission moduleĀ 


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